Wedding questionnaire

Hi friend! I am so excited about your upcoming event! 
In order to better get to know you and your fiancé, I would love for you to fill out this questionnaire. Some of the questions are extremely practical while others are more whimsical. It seems a little long but I promise it's very intentional! I want to catch a glimpse of your relationship so that I can best capture your personalities! Please fill this out as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Some of the details might change and that is a-okay, just answer as the plans stand right now! 

I cannot wait to read all the answers. It's one of the more fun parts to my job! 


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Overview of Event
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Your Name
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Your fiancé's name
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Wedding/Elopement Date
If it's a traditional venue please include the address If you are eloping please include specific locations. i.e. specific sight or landmark in Rocky Mountain National Park
If this changes its okay!
Please list specific names of other vendors you may have
Theme/Vibe of Event
Tell me everything! Do you have colors that you're working with? What floral arrangements do you want? Are you going for something romantic or whimsical? Boho or elegant? I want the inside scoop.
How many?
How many?
Why you chose me
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About you!
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