Taos, New Mexico

After experiencing Hotel Luna Mystica and Taos, NM this past weekend, I am seriously considering remodeling an Airstream and running away. Collin and I had the most relaxing and unplugged couple of days. We headed south after work on Friday and when we arrived it was dark. There were Christmas lights hanging and music coming from Taos Mesa Brewing. The atmosphere was so fun and light— I felt like we had stepped into another world. 

In the morning we woke up and I peered out of the window of our Airstream, Thelma (they all have names and it's perfect), to see desert and mountains. We got to drink coffee in our pajamas on the wooden deck and even got a morning greeting from the camp dog. Honestly that's how I imagine every morning of the rest of my life going. Hotel Luna Mystica is less than 10 minutes from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and we were not expecting such a dramatic view. As we were approaching the gorge, it didn't look like much. Almost as soon as we started driving over the bridge the earth opened up and it was incredible! It really looks like a giant tear on earth's surface. 

We ate way too much spicy food and breakfast burritos. Looking back that explains why we didn't make great progress hiking but the food was tasty so I regret nothing. The town of Taos is eclectic and filled with artisan shops so right up our alley. We were more than reluctant to leave but already have another trip planned. If you're looking for a quiet weekend away this is the place for you. It was only 4 hours from Denver and we even swung by the Great Sand Dunes on the way home. 

This weekend trip was one for the books (or the blogs because its 2018). I feel completely rejuvenated and completely nostalgic for something that happened less than a week ago. Take us back!