21st in Colorado Springs

A few weekends ago my sister, Joanna, drove to Colorado for her spring break. The timing worked out perfectly so that I could drive to Colorado Springs where she was staying and visit for the day. It also happened to be her 21st birthday on the day we hung out. Don't worry, mom, we didn't do anything ~too~ crazy. 

Since Joanna had never been to Colorado we did a bunch of my favorite touristy activities. The best tourist hot spot in Colorado Springs is Garden of the Gods- being free and also absolutely amazing it was a perfect spot. Cheyenne Mountain State Park is also beautiful so we drove into the mountains a little to get some beautiful views. I also felt like she needed to see some Aspen before her trip to Colorado was complete so we sought out a grove. 

I would highly recommend becoming friends with you sister in adulthood. It makes all the fights (as violent as they might have been) seem a lot less important. I would also recommend spending some time in Colorado at some point in life because it's a really beautiful state and littered with geological wonders.