Mt. Evans

Over the weekend I had a really cool shoot planned. I was really excited about the couple and the location. We also had it planned for early in the morning so I knew that lighting was going to be killer. I woke up that morning, grabbed my coffee and camera and hit the road.
At the exact moment I pulled into our agreed meeting place I got the text. You know that, "I-am-so-sorry-but-I-need-to-cancel" text. My heart sunk. Not only had I gotten up at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday morning and driven for 45 minutes I had also let my expectations for this shoot get out of hand. I was so bummed that I missed such a great shoot. 
By the time I got home I was pretty mopey. The usual; sighing dramatically, dropping into chairs with greater force than necessary, and refusing any sort of comfort offered. Collin, being the kind and patient husband that he is, suggested we go for a hike. It was one of those Colorado days in the middle of winter that is totally sunny, a little breezy, and 62 degrees. I probably sighed overly dramatically and then agreed to go.
It was only 15 minutes into the trip that I had totally forgotten about "the incident." We had the most wonderful hike and it was warm and snowy (only in Colorado, right?). I even got out of my funk enough to grab some really beautiful shots of Mt. Evans. 
Learning to turn something super discouraging into something great isn't always easy. No- it's never easy. And I definitely would have wallowed without Collin but hey, that's what best friends are for. (I also learned the value of having clients sign contracts even if the shoot is at a very discounted or free rate which is a lesson that needed to happen.) 
So, photographers; have contracts and clients; please don't cancel 1 minute after the shoot is scheduled to happen. And everyone should go on a Sunday morning hike because it's the best way to start your week. 

This is my song right now and on repeat. I feel like it's the perfect mountain hiking anthem so just play as you scroll, it's what we had stuck in our heads.